As part of our mission to provide education and decision support to the microfinance industry on currency risk, we have developed several tools to help both MFI and MIV practitioners. Our Team is happy to provide training and technical support on any of our software tools.

For more information on scheduling a training or webinar at your institution please contact us.

Comprehensive Asset/Liability Management (CALM) Tool

The Comprehensive Asset Liability Management (CALM) Tool is an MS Excel-based long-range financial statement model for small banks and microfinance institutions.  Asset Liability Management (ALM) deals with the risks arising from financial intermediation and covers exposures related to portfolio quality, liquidity, capital adequacy, foreign exchange rates and market interest rate changes.

Useful For: Long range strategic planning as well as in preparing financial reporting and risk schedules on current accounting periods for senior management, the board and major creditors of your institution.

Download the MFX CALM Tool:

English v1.0          French v1.0 

MFX Hedging Calculator

The MFX Hedging Analysis Tool allows the user to analyze the impact of currency volatility on the cash flows of a loan between an investor and an MFI for all loans under hedged and un-hedged scenarios.

Useful for: Analyzing the impact of FX volatility on a loan to an MFI, understanding how a hedged loan looks from a cash flow perspective, and explaining how a hedge works to a client/investor

Instructions (PDF)

MFX Hedging Analysis Tool (Hedging Calculator)

 MFX Collateral Cost Calculator

The Collateral Cost Calculator allows you to directly compare swap terms with and without a collateral requirement figuring in your own cost of capital. Compare MFX swap pricing with other hedging options that do require collateral and see which one gives the best total return.

Useful for: Quantifying the opportunity cost of posting collateral in a hedge, or compare the cost of business hedging with MFX vs. commercial banks

Instructions (PDF)

MFX Collateral Cost Calculator (XLSM file)