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The Guardian Article: Absolving the ‘original sin’ of microfinance as publised in The Guardian

By Greg Harman Monday 10 February 2014 Microfinance institutions can be vulnerable to rapid currency devaluations. New hedging organisations aim to address that. When revolution swept Kyrgyzstan in 2010, it brought waves of chaos and uncertainty. For the many micro-lenders operating in the country at the time – almost exclusively responsible for converting more stable [...]


MFX Solutions supports $500 million in local currency loans to micro-entrepreneurs

WASHINGTON, DC, January 29, 2014  – Today MFX Solutions announced that it has hedged the risk on over $500 million in microfinance loans to poor entrepreneurs in developing countries since 2010.   These loans have been made in more than 30 currencies and have benefited over 800,000 entrepreneurs world-wide. MFX was established in 2009 by a [...]


MFX Newsletter Fall 2013

Recent Hedging Deals – 2Y EUR-MNT (Mongolian Tugrik) – 1Y USD-RON (Romanian Leu) – 2Y USD-ZMW (Zambian Kwacha) – 5Y USD-COP (Colombian Peso) – 4Y USD-NGN (Nigerian Naira) – 3Y USD-NIO (Nicaraguan Córdoba) News and Activities Over $460 million in hedges to date:  MFX is closing in on 1/2 a billion in hedged transactions since it [...]


Risk Management Initiative in Microfinance (RIM)

MFX Solutions has announced the launch of the Risk management Initiative in Microfinance (RIM).  As a co-founder, MFX is excited to promote the issue of risk management in microfinance through a program jointly developed with founding members Appui au Développement Autonome (ADA), Calmeadow, Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion (CFI), Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA), [...]


MFX Newsletter Spring 2013

News and Activities $200 Million Portfolio: In February MFX’s active portfolio of swaps and forwards reached $200 million. In the last three years, MFX has helped our clients provide over $360 million in local currency loans in 30 currencies.  We look forward to continuing to play an important role in the industry’s transition to a local currency [...]


MFX CEO Brian Cox participates in IFC’s FinNet 2013

MFX’s CEO Brian Cox had the opportunity to participate as a panel member at the IFC’s FinNet 2013 event which took place in Washington, DC on February 19th-20th. Policy-makers and experts discussed the best ways to achieve financial inclusion in developing countries. The event convened government delegates, private and public sector representatives, researchers, and World Bank Group staff. [...]


MFX Newsletter Spring 2012

Examples of Recent Deals 2Y, USD-KZT (Kazakh Tenge) 3Y, USD-MXN, (Mexican Peso) 1Y, EUR-AMD, (Armenian Dram) 1Y, EUR-XOF (CFA Franc) 1.5Y, USD-HNL (Honduran Lempira) 3Y, EUR-USD (Sri Lanka) 1Y, EUR-ARS (Argentinian Peso) News and Activities MFX welcomes new funds and organizations to our family of clients: GAWA Microfinance Fund, Desjardins Developpement International (DID), Deutschebank, ASA [...]


MFX 2011 Benchmark Analysis Report

Trends in the Costs of Hedging Given the high degree of global volatility facing currency markets, MFX has seen the pricing of hedging increase significantly across several key markets in the last 6-12 months. We recently conducted an analysis of the costs of hedging for each currency in our portfolio (as well as commonly quoted [...]


September/October 2011 Newsletter

Examples of Recent Deals 3Y, EUR-GHS (Ghanaian Cedi) 2Y, EUR-TZS (Tanzanian Shilling) 1Y, USD-UGX (Ugandan Shilling) 2Y, EUR-MXN (Mexican Peso) 2Y, EUR-IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) 2Y, EUR-NGN (Nigerian Naira) 2Y, USD-KZT (Kazakh Tenge) News and Activities Haitian Gourde (HTQ) is now available. Please contact a member of the trading team to receive a quote in this [...]


May/June 2011 Newsletter

Examples of Recent Deals 3Y, USD-KHR (Cambodian Real) 2Y, USD-AZN (Azeri Manat) 1.5Y, EUR-HNL (Honduran Lempira) 3Y EUR-TZS (Tanzanian Shilling) 2Y, EUR-COP (Colombian Peso) 3Y, USD-KES (Kenyan Shilling) 1Y, USD-RWF (Rwandan Franc) 1Y, EUR-KZT (Kazakh Tenge) 4Y, EUR-PHP (Filipino Peso) 2Y, EUR-MXN (Mexican Peso) News and Activities MFX reaches $100M in hedged local currency loans [...]

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